Take A Walking Tour of the New WTMD

Modified: October 28, 2016

Categories: Fundraising

Our General Manager takes you on a walking tour of WTMD”s new broadcast facility.  It’s not quite finished yet.  The studios are still being built and the furniture hasn’t arrived yet, but the WTMD staff have taken up residence.  We’re working the bugs out of the system and we’re feeling pretty exciting having gone from 1800 square feet in the center of campus to 8000 square feet in Uptown Towson.

WTMD and Towson University saw the need for the University to help rejuvenate Towson’s central core.  WTMD and the University’s Health Professions now occupy Towson City Center with a goal of bringing the public, the university community and great music to the area.

Watch the walking tour and see the spaces you’ll be coming to for concerts, social events, intimate performances and even children’s music education classes.  While WTMD and Towson University have made a significant investment in the station’s future, we continue to rely on your financial support for our day to day operations and programming.  Please make a gift today.

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