dope bodyGoing on the road and touring with your band six months out of a year is hard enough.  Keeping a day job back home is sometimes even harder.

Listen to the story below to find out about a few local employers and employees that seem to get along just fine with working day jobs and pursuing artistic interests.


Golden West Cafe is a haven for alternative cooking and music.

Joe’s Record Paradise in Silver Spring is a hot bed for musicians DJ’s and more.

Figure 53 develops software and nurtures creativity.  Below is a sample of some writing that Chris Ashworth has loaned WTMD.

“So here’s the thing, here is my tip, and here is what I want the business owners of America to think about very hard.  Artists as a species, are amazing people.  And America, as a general rule, does not fully get this. Show me a good artist and I will show you a highly educated, highly creative, highly passionate, highly driven human being. If they’re a performing artist, I will show you someone who breathes teamwork. I will show you someone who eats healthy critiques for breakfast and grows an inch that day because of it. I will show you a communicator, and a thinker. I will show you someone you want to hire.  And all you have to do is not destroy the whole reason you want to hire them. All you have to do, in short, is create jobs built for artists. The result? Instant competitive advantage.”

For those looking for a new job, or other employment opportunities, the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance has a very helpful classified posting with jobs that are geared to artists and musicians.  Find it here.

Another good site for job seekers is Creative Hotlist.  Good for both potential employees and employers.

One other exceptional place to find employment, is the world at large.  Below are some simple thoughts on pairing the artist, with the career.  These “amusings” are the work of Sam Gallant.

Since there is an abundance of creativity in the world and not nearly as much a demand for it, artistic individuals need to find something to do to pay the rent. We all know struggling artists, musicians, actors or writers will work in food service industries or teach lessons to make ends meat while they pursue their art. But there are many other careers that may suit those creative individuals that need flexibility in work schedules or unique environments to thrive personally, professionally and artistically. Below is a list of creative professions, and what might be a good day job for them, and why.
Writer: Cab Driver – An abundance of material.  Especially if you work around closing time.  Additionally, you get to set your own hours around your fits of writers block.
Film Maker: Sanitation Worker- Working on a trash truck you find all kinds of things that you can use on the set of your new film.  Plus, you have an excuse to smell as bad as you usually do.
Drummer: Delivery Driver- Daytime hours delivering a myriad of things, leaving nights free to drink and play gigs. Added bonus, you can bring your drum sticks along and work on your syncopation on the dashboard.
Singer/Song Writer: Receptionist- Day dream the hours away, match the great tones of the phone singing to yourself. Bonus, you can keep Facebook open all day. Very important.
Poet: Wildlife Management- Hours of counting birds, fish and bugs give you the time you might need to reflect on nature. Aw, who am I kidding? There can never be another Walden.
Painter: Construction Worker- Hanging dry wall or pounding nails makes you appreciate your studio. Plus, you can get some paint supplies and you learn the proper techniques for hanging and framing your art.  PLEASE, frame your art.
Dancer: Mortuary Sciences- Dancers are so very aware of their bodies, so who better to primp and present a dead one?  Small bonus, formaldehyde is a great diuretic.
Potter:  Landscaping- You get to play in the dirt, find good clay and get inspired by nature. Bonus for this one, is that you learn how to build your own kiln.
Photographer: Pharmacist- Nothing more photogenic than little pills that you get to mindlessly count and work with all day.  Also, you get cheap anti-depressants.
Actor: Tour guide- This one seems kind of obvious.  Giving tours helps you work on memory skills, and characters. Nothing funnier than a Scottish man giving you a tour of Hollywood. Big plus, you get tips. Get used to that when you head back to a restaurant.

The song used during the story is Dope Body’s Road Dog. Fitting. You can listen to it in it’s entirety below.

Dope Body – Road Dog

Photo credit to Josh Sisk, you can find more of his photographs here.