images LOVEMaryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts helps hundreds of Maryland artists and musicians each year.  They work on contracts, copyrights and other legal issues – pro bono.

Muralist, artist and creator of the Baltimore Love Project, Michael Owen, has used their services.  He has had to work with MDVLA numerous times to protect his image. Find out more about the Love Project here.

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society has also used Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts for their copyright needs and contract needs.  Find out more about BROS. here.

For more information on the services that Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts provides, check their website.  They have drop-in times with lawyers coming up April 6th and April 20th at the City Arts Building on Oliver Street.

Listen to the story below.

MD Lawyers

The bed music in the story was used with permission from Perrin & Tonic.  Hear more beats here.