Made in Maryland: Harpejji

pic_27tThe Harpejji is a special instrument.  It was conceived and invented here in Maryland by Marcodi Instruments.

For this week’s Made in Maryland, we take a tour of the converted Sykesville chicken coop, where the Harpejji is built.  The young instrument has already made a big impact on the music world.  Many composers, musicians, and legends- like Stevie Wonder, have incorporated the Harpejji into their work.

Listen to the story below and check out Marcodi’s website to find out more information.

MiM Harpejji

Also, check out this video of Harpejji player Stevie Wonder.

Made in Maryland is a weekly feature on WTMD.  It highlights the products that are manufactured, built, processed, or simply “Made in Maryland”.

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