Sorta Street Art

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Baltimore does not have a Banksy.  Though it does have a vibrant array of street artists; painting, pasting, and using other mediums to make their mark all over Baltimore.

We went for a ride with one such artist, Sorta, who wheat pastes his art onto abandoned buildings all over the city.  His subjects are people, drawn portraits of Ray Lewis and Art Model, or nameless migrant workers and Rastafarians.  He takes his drawings and prints them in various sizes, and then glues them to vacant and boarded up houses and businesses.  Sorta thinks of it as beautifying neighborhoods.  And people generally don’t disagree, even the police.

Listen to the story below to hear a night on the town with Sorta. Also, Sorta’s Flickr page is here, as well as Instagram, to see other images of his art.




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