Made in Maryland: Pit Beef

Made in Maryland is a weekly Friday feature on WTMD.  It highlights the products that are manufactured, built, processed, or simply “Made in Maryland”.

This week we look at a very Maryland meal.  Pit Beef.  You can find it cooking in many parking lots next to little shacks.  Most people just throw some horseradish on it and eat.  But there are lots of options out there.   Listen to the story below and check out the links to some local Pit Beef stand around Baltimore.


Chaps. One of the best known stands around, and for good reason.  Good options, consistent quality.

Pioneer. Rare to find a Pit Beef stand on the Westside.  Best Tiger Sauce in town. No website. So old school.

Big Bad Wolf.  Covers all of the traditional Barbeque including Baltimore Pit Beef.

Also, this is that funky song in the story.  It’s Sweat Meat, by The Zip Codes on Better Records.

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