Bitter Rock & Roll Feuds

As we feel the warmth of the holidays and the goodwill of all mankind, Bob the Paper Guy goes the other way by exploring some of the nastiest feuds in rock & roll.

Few could be as bitter as the one between Pink Floyd’s chief lyricist and concept creator Roger Waters and guitarist and music songwriter David Gilmore, who resurrected the Floyd name in 1987 and recruited other musicians to fill in the Waters parts for the live shows.

Roger, who couldn’t even fill a quarter of the Capital Center for his solo Radio K.A.O.S. tour (I was there- one of the best shows ever!), fumed as Gilmore, drummer Nick Mason, late keyboardist Rick Wright and a host of fill-ins sold out 60,000-plus stadiums night after night.

Bob also talks about a big feud between two Beatles, who wanted to squash each other after trading insults on competing solo albums.

Hear the blow-by-blow account below & tune in every Wed. @615am for Total Recall w. Bob the Paper Guy.


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