EOTO is a bass heavy electronic duo consisting of Michael Travis and Jason Hann, both also members of The String Cheese Incident. EOTO was formed in 2006 as a side project, and now with upwards of 200 shows a year, EOTO is consuming most of their time these days.  EOTO has released 3 studio records but pride themselves on their live shows which are 100% all improvisation. Jason Hann of EOTO will be doing an interview with Bug this Sunday night from 9pm to 11pm for “Stuck in The Jam”. Jason talks about the beginning of EOTO and how the group has changed throughout the past 6 years, including one event in particular that he says had a big impact on the music they were making. On their current tour EOTO has created a complete musical experience with lots of stage production and the addition of their “Lotus Flower” experience, which Jason explains was a necessary progression for what they band is trying to do. EOTO brings their “Lotus Flower” experience to Rams Head Live next Wednesday, November 21st. Tune in to 89.7FM in Baltimore or WTMD.org everywhere else, this Sunday night from 9pm to 11pm to hear the full interview and some recent live tracks from EOTO.