Sunny Side Up: Langhorne Slim & The Law

Bucks County, Pennsylvania native Langhorne Slim has been doing the folk-punk-Americana thing before Mumford & Sons turned banjo & upright bass into gold & platinum.

Comfortable just to reach people through his words & soulful rasp, the humble artist born Sean Scolnik follows his muse all over the country, wherever a friend has a couch.

The roaming musician settled down for a time in Oregon. It’s there a relationship blossomed then came to an end- lyrical fodder for musch of his new album The Way We Move.

The songs move from rootsy barnstorming stompers to poignant moments that speak of family, most notably “Song For Sid.”

Catch the moving live performance of that one plus three others in an always welcome return visit from Langhorne and his talented band, The Law.

Lanhgorne Slim Web Part 1

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