Sunny Side Up: Madi Diaz

There’s a Baltimore connection to Lancaster, PA-raised singer/songwriter Madi Diaz besides geographical proximity: her father plays in a Frank Zappa tribute band!

Her Peruvian-born mother, who championed arts education, home-schooled Madi and later enrolled her in the Philadelphia School of Rock.

Madi’s talents stood out in Don Argott’s 2005 documentary about the program, Rock School.

Now based in Nashville, Madi hasn’t met a hook she didn’t like. On her debut Plastic Moon, she has an uncanny knack for creating power-pop singalongs songs that take root pretty quickly.

She’s an up-and-coming songwriting talent we were happy to showcase on our first episode of Sunny Side Up (09/15/12)

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Madi Diaz Web Part 3

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