Lotus is a band that “Stuck in the Jam” listeners are quite familiar with. They formed in Indianna in 1999 at Goshen College. The band started with a jazz-funk fusion sound as is evident on their first two albums. The first album, Vibes was a live album released in 2002. The second album, Nomad, was released in 2004 and was nominated for a Jammy award later that year. In 2001 Lotus recruited percussionist Chuck Morris , which shifted their focus to instrumental music. The band has been exploring instrumental music since, still incorporating some vocals, and on their latest album use sampled vocals. They have blown up on the jam band scene and have made appearences at many major music festivals. Currently the band is getting set to play a big show at Red Rocks and as a thank you to their fans they released some of their favorite live tracks from the past year. The tracks released were hand picked by the band as well as mixed and mastered by the band’s bass player, Jesse Miller. You can download this FREE sampler HERE, and as always, check out “Stuck in the Jam” every sunday night at 9pm on 89.7FM in Baltimore or streaming live at www.wtmd.org.