Joe Ostreich devotes a whole chapter to WTMD and Baltimore in his new book “Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll.”It’s a bit of a snarky look at the music industry and an ode to living your dream–even when it turns into a nightmare.You might remember the interview his band Watershed did a couple of years back. The band purposely goes off the rails on-the-air having watched the 1974 Kiss interview with Tom Snyder just before they go into the studio.  This interview becomes the foundation for “Left of the Dial” and they talk about the show they did intown that night too. We remember that interview well — it was a magic (or tragic)  moment that WTMD’s John Mathews skillfully handled and turned  into a  pretty compelling piece of radio.

Those of us old enough to be fans of the Tom Snyder show back then remember that interview—it’s classic.  We’ll post our interview soon. Click here to learn more about Joe and the Band.