There’s more to learn about than music in New Yorker Springsteen Story

Modified: August 4, 2012

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Last week the New Yorker published one of the most extensive profiles of Bruce Springsteen in quite some time.  While the media has focused on a very small section of the story dealing with what amounts to an understandable brief bout of success driven depression, there is so much more to learn about Bruce and the E Street Band.

Much of story focuses on how a very rich man can continue to credibly represent middle class values. Albeit, upper middle class values.  That’s really the key, to some extent behind the longevity of Bruce and band.  The story details not just the changes, fights, medical ailments of the aging band members and the great losses the band and their fans experienced, but also how Bruce has grown with his audience culturally and morally.

It’s an interesting read and available on line at the New Yorker web site.

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