In 1964, What wound up being Bob Dylan’s biggest hit, (2 on the us charts) “Like A Rolling Stone,” was released by Columbia Records.

In 1965, Lovin’ Spoonful’s released their feel-good first single, “Do You Believe in Magic.” It rocketed to the Top Ten.

In 1968, Featuring “White Room” and a scorching rendition of the blues classic, “Crossroads,” Cream’s Wheels Of Fire double album cracked the charts.

In 1968, Paul McCartney happened to be watching a national British TV program, Dee Time, when who should appear but his fiancée, Jane Asher, who announced to the world that their engagement was off. Poor Paul was shocked and chagrined. It was the first he’d heard.

In 1969, Apollo 11 descended on the Moon. It was the first lunar landing (“one small step for man…”) and would later result in a hit record written about the subject by David Bowie. The tune was “Space Oddity.”

In 1974, The Grateful Dead’s Mars Hotel and Bob Dylan’s Before The Flood both made the album charts on this day.

In 1974, Joey Ramone abandoned his drum kit to become lead vocalist for the Ramones.

In 1975, Guitarist Miami Steve Van Zandt played as a member of the E Street Band for the first time at a show in Providence, Rhode Island.

In 1987, Bruce Springsteen played his first show behind the Iron Curtain, appearing in East Berlin in front of 180,000 people in a show that was broadcast on East German TV.

In 1997, Oasis held down the top spot on the U.K. singles chart with “D’You Know What I Mean.”


JOHN LODGE (Bass player and vocalist hit ’60s/’70s band the Moody Blues;) Born in 1945 in Birmingham, England. (67)

CARLOS SANTANA (Emerged from San Francisco’s latin Mission District via Tijuana, Mexico in the mid-’60s to become a highly regarded jazz/rock guitarist and bandleader; career hyper-reinvigorated beginning with the release of 1999’s Supernatural album and the follow-up 2002 Shamen, both featuring numerous special guests like “Smooth” [with Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas on lead vocals], “Put Your Lights On” [with Everlast], “Love of My Life” [with Dave Matthews], “The Game of Love” [with Michelle Branch]). Born in 1947 in Autlan de Navarro, Mexico. (65)

CHRIS CORNELL (Lead singer for Seattle’s now defunct hit ’90s grunge band Soundgarden; solo career and Audioslave; “Black Hole Sun”) Born in Seattle in 1964. (48)
STONE GOSSARD (Guitarist with pioneering ’90s Seattle grunge bands Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam and Brad; “Hunger Strike,” “Alive,” “Jeremy,” “Even Flow,” “Better Man,” “Last Kiss”) Born in Seattle in 1966. (46)