Most young drummers dream of one day being featured in the prominent drum magazine Modern Drummer. For most, the dream will remain just that. For Baltimore’s Matt Halpern of the progressive metal band Periphery, it’s a dream come true. The July edition of Modern Drummer, which goes on sale today, does more than just feature Halpern… it’s got his face on the cover.

Years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance have made Halpern one of the most talked about drummers in the drumming community, and for good reason. Just watch him play and you’ll see (and hear) why his unique and awe inspiring approach to drumming has put him at the top of his game. In a recent press release, Modern Drummer editorial director, Adam Budofsky, says “The drum world can never have enough players like Matt, who represent the art of drumming in the most sophisticated yet explosive way imaginable.”

In addition to being an outstanding musician, he is also quite the entrepreneur. Check out his company, Bandhappy, which aims to connect teachers and students in a one-of-a-kind music community and will have its own music lesson tent at this summer’s Warped Tour.

Metal-heads can look forward to the new Periphery album, Periphery II, which hits shelves July 3rd.