Kelly Hogan’s Deserved Spotlight

Modified: October 28, 2016

Categories: New Music

Kelly Hogan is a name you may not know, but is a voice you’ve heard many times. Most notably creating enchanting harmonies on Neko Case’s albums and live shows.

The 47-year-old Hogan calls in a few favors from a Rolodex-worth of friends she’s helped out over the years, including Booker T. Jones.  Jones plays throughout Hogan’s first album in ten years entitled I Like to Keep Myself in Pain

In fact, Hogan wrote “fan letters” to the artists she wanted to collaborate with her on the record, including Stephen Merritt of the Magnetic Fields, Robyn Hitchcock and Andrew Bird.  All three said “yes” and wrote songs specifically for Hogan.

Bird penned “We Can’t Have Nice Things,” in which Hogan skillfully commands with a resigned sadness.

Here’s the track Booker Jones collaborated on complete with his trademark Hammond B3.

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