WTMD Celebrates Public Radio Music Month!

Modified: October 28, 2016

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See all of your favorite bands who signed A LOVE LETTER TO PUBLIC RADIO! During this time we are asking all our listeners to let their elected officials know what they think about how important public radio is to music these days. Please feel free to post and tweet this link today! and thanks for making WTMD and all public radio loud and proud and the home of great new music!

Public radio can’t support the artists alone. That’s why your membership and federal funding for stations like WTMD are so important.  While we receive just about 10% of our budget from the Federal Government, it’s this funding that helps us seed new programming and community events.

Even more importantly, continued support from CPB ensures we can keep bringing artists to your attention that the mainstream commercial media just won’t.  That’s the most important reason to support Public Radio Music Month.  We’ll be posting and airing more information about all the great things all public radio music stations do during the month of April…so Happy Public Radio Music Month!

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