Just about everyone musical in Baltimore knows Dan Deacon. His music and DIY approach to what he does has gotten him a bunch of notoriety in Baltimore and now around the globe. He was part of a piece done by Rolling Stone a few years back on the thriving Baltimore Music scene. So you may be familiar with Dan’s name, but how about Dave Jacober? Well here at WTMD we know the name quite well. In all fairness he is no longer an inter at WTMD but he was with us for a good couple of years. Dave was always big into the Baltimore Music scene playing in a couple different projects like Dope Body as well as currently being a member of Dan Deacon’s Ensemble. Dan Deacon’s Ensemble played a showcase at Stubb’s yesterday night. The Ensemble consisted of Dan Deacon, Dave Jacober, and Denny Bowen. The performance, as any Dan Deacon performance was high energy and quite the show. You can listen to the full showcase HERE!!