Jesse Miller from Lotus Guest Hosts “Stuck in the Jam” this week

Modified: October 28, 2016

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After stuffing yourself with turkey, green beans, ham, saurkraut, mashed potatoes, and whatever else you may be having for Thanksgiving dinner, you are going to need to do some dancing to burn off those extra calories. Well, the electronic funk group, Lotus, has you covered. Lotus will be performing two nights, November 25th and 26th at Rams Head Live, giving you pleanty of opportunity to boogie off those extra pounds.

Lotus has just recently released their self titled album, featuring “Golden Ghost”, “Blacklight Sunflare”, and “Evergreenery” which we have heard on “Stuck in the Jam” in the past few weeks. The band is coming off a string of show on the west coast, and the two nights in Baltimore will be their last performances until New Years eve.

Jesse Miller of Lotus will be taking over the first hour of “Stuck in the Jam” this week. You can catch “Stuck in the Jam” sunday evening on 89.7 FM in Baltimore or stream the show online at We will make the track listing available after the show. Here is where to find out more information about Lotus and Jesse’s side project, Beard o Bees:

Here is a little of what to expect next week:

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