Boy and Bear In-studio Live Performance and Interview

Boy and Bear is one of the most successful indie Australian bands in recent history.  This is their first American Radio Interview. The band came together in 2009 an released their first EP–With Emperor Antartica– in 201.  They’ve opened for Mumford and Sons and are on their first full American Tour, playing before larger than expected crowds on both the east and west coasts.

Boy and bear seem to be takin a measured and well planned entry into the United States.  They played Lolapalooza the past spring and followed that with two well received shows in New York City.,  They then went to Nashville with producer Joe Chicarelli (Tori Amos and My Morning Jacket) to record their new full length, Moonfire.  The result is a fast paced thunder-folk of an album full of poetic lyrics pressured cooked into exciting melodies.

Boy and Bear came into the WTMD Studios to talk about Moonfire and their plans for building a fan base in

America with Steve Yasko,WTMD’s GM.  The audio is in three parts.

Steve with Boy and Bear pt1

Steve with Boy and Bear pt2

Steve with Boy and Bear pt3

Boy and Bear:

Dave Hosking
Tim Hart
Killian Gavin
Jake Tarasenko
Jon Hart

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