Steve’s Top 10 Songs Of All Time

1. Jungleland – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
There is no other song written whose lyrics are so dense, so epic, so personally important to so many.

2. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding – Elton John
Ok, some songs you listen to when you’re 11 years old that still spark some emotion in you when you’re 49.

3. Town Called Malice – The Jam
There are just some songs that make you want to run town the main street of a deserted coal mine town and do a head flip and cartwheel.  Totally freeing!

4. Living in the City – Stevie Wonder
One of the most important songs about race relations ever written.

5.  Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday
THE most important song written about race relations before MLK.

6. Mary’s Place – Bruce Springsteen
The only 9/11 song the truly speaks to the optimism and perseverance of America.

7.  Is She Really Going Out With Him – Joe Jackson
The reason this song has lasted so long and still sounds fresh is because our kids, just like us, have to have a first love sometime.

8. Stoney End – Barbra Streisand
Pre-Glee and just when friends of Barbra was replacing Friends of Dorthy in the West Village

9. Rock Around the Clock – Bill Haley and the Comets
Often cited as the first official Rock n Roll song in history

10. Feeding Line – Boy and Bear
Because Every New Talented Band should have a shot at being the greatest!

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