Come to a live taping of eTown with two of the most interesting artists–Suzanne Vega and Moby. You’ll see how the show is put together. You’ll hear all the things that don’t make it to broadcast–and you’ll have the opportunity to hear some great music. It’s a once in a life time opportunity to see this show here in Baltimore! You’ll get to see just how Nick and Helen Forester weave the show together and the jams that take place off mic are often outstanding! See you there!  Thursday September 22nd:  Get Tickets Here

Each eTown taping is truly a one-of-a-kind live entertainment experience that marries music with inspiring ideas and the spirit of community. Over the years, the program has become known just as well for its reputation of pairing two diverse artists within each program as for its socially and globally-conscious message.

In addition to musical performances, eTown guests share in-depth conversation with the show’s hosts on everything from the origins and influences that have helped shape their music to the latest concerns and causes they support. The event will also feature the popular E-Chievement Award, a segment of the show that’s dedicated to recognizing special listener-nominated individuals who have made a remarkable difference in their community.