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Sam Sessa hosts this very special production that traces the journey Austin has made to become the Live Music Capital of the United States. SXSW started as a Barbeque for the music industry and has grown into an international phenomenon attracting bands from Australia, France, and Japan. Bands from all over America, including Baltimore, make the journey to the center of Texas.

But how did this happen? What did Austin’s government, their civic community, their bands and their venues do to create and brand Austin as a music ground zero? Sam speaks with members of Austin’s city government, long time residents and musicians like Marcia Ball, venue owners and Baltimore bands who played this year’s event.

From Austin to Baltimore weaves a narrative of advice about how our city can enhance our already thriving music scene.  It’s not a comparison, but rather charts two cities on similar journeys and brings together a collection of voices to show the pitfalls, the advantages and the extremely positive financial impact live music can have on a city’s economy.

Part 1

[audio:https://www.wtmd.org/radio/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/FromAustinToBaltimorePart1.mp3|titles=From Austin To Baltimore Part1]

Part 2

[audio:https://www.wtmd.org/radio/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/FromAustinToBaltimorePart2.mp3|titles=From Austin To Baltimore Part2]

Part 3

[audio:https://www.wtmd.org/radio/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/FromAustinToBaltimorePart3.mp3|titles=From Austin To Baltimore Part3]


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