[audio:https://www.wtmd.org/radio/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/BTG_061611_ED_BENSOLLEE.mp3|titles=Between the Grooves Ben Sollee ]Songwriter and classically-trained cellist Ben Sollee never lets ambition override his desire to make folk music for the people.

Despite music awash in jazz, psychadelia and chamber pop on his new album Inclusions, the Kentucky native doesn’t let anything intrerupt the telling of a good story. You won’t hear a cello solo on “The Globe,” lest it distract from his version of what happened to the Shakespearean theater.

Sollee lives his freak folkiness: he cut a benefit album with fellow Bluegrass State musicians Jim James of My Morning Jacket and Daniel Martin Moore to raise awareness over the Appalachian hot button issue of mountaintop removal coal mining, and he tours the country on a bicycle with cello in tow.