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Modified: October 28, 2016

So as all of our great volunteers for our Hit it and Quit it Fund drive can tell you, I have been counting down the days this week until Phriday!! Phriday will be the first Phish show of this tour for me. The boys will be in Camden, NJ. on friday and then head down to Merriweather Post for two nights, Saturday and Sunday!!! They have been sounding great this whole tour so far. Last night’s show at Darien Lake was a solid performance from the band as they get ready for a 3 day run over the weekend. I am especially excited for this weekend for a bunch of reasons but here are a few: ONE, Camden is always a SICK SICK show, and Im not talking about allergies… TWO, Merriweather, two nights, This is a hometown show!!!, THREE, on sunday I will attending the show with my mom for her first Phish show ever!!! Also this weekend a band that I work with, Jesters of Kindness, will be playing an after Phish Party @ The Second Chance Saloon on saturday, which is about a mile from MPP. Here is a video from one of their past performances:

Of course no blog post of mine would be complete with a sweet Phish video:

Psyched for the weekend! Tune in to “Stuck in the Jam” this sunday evening from 9pm – 11pm on 89.7 WTMD. This week I will feature some great live tracks, some new music, and of course your Phresh Phish segment witch will have selections from Holmdel and Darien Lake!!!


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