The kids have all been getting restless, after a three night stand at Madison Square Garden for New years, having to go almost five months without any live Phish. Well, the wait is over! Tonight kicks off Phish summer tour 2011 in Bethel, NY. Tyler has totally just made me sooooo excite for some Phish!! He played “Birds of a Feather” from Hartford, CT. 2009, and then right when I thought it couldn’t get any better i hear the opening chords of “Rock and Roll”!! My first show won’t be until Camden, NJ. But a bunch of friends are in Bethel. Everybody have a fun time in Bethel!! Shout out to Kenny also, One of the nights of Holmdel will be his 100th show!!!! If you are as excited as I am check out these sweet videos to kick off!!! What do you think they will open with tonight?? Gotta Jiboo??