With the start of summer tour just weeks away everyone has started recieving their mailorder Phish tickets and excitement is high. With the last Phish performance being 1-1-11, phanners everywhere are itching to be back on tour! I know I will be at a few shows over this first leg. I happened to score some tickets to Camden, Both MPP, and Portsmouth. Last year I hit up both camden and both merriweather and I have to say all four of those shows were killer. From the “Bowie” opener in camden to the Michael Jackson tribute “2001” to the “Saw it Again” teases all throughout their second set at Merriweather. I am pretty psyched for all the shows this summer but I am espescially looking forward to MPP night 2 as I will be taking my Mom to her first Phish show ever!! I have been to a bunch of awesome shows with my mom including Crosby, Stills, and Nash at Pier 6 & Neil Young at the Hippodrome, but now it is time for me to show my mom what one of my favorite bands is all about. From the huge party in the lots before hand, to the killer jams during the show, to the after parties in local clubs, I fully plan on having a blast. Who else is headed to any PHISH this summer?? Come say hi, I’ll be there!!