You could forgive Raphael Saadiq for feeling giddy. The Tony! Toni! Tone! frontman, producer (Joss Stone, D’Angelo) and multi-instrumentalist started out the year playing guitar alongside Mick Jagger at the Grammy’s during a rollicking Solomon Burke tribute.

So why not aim high on his new record? Right out of the gate, on “Heart Attack” from WTMD’s new CD of the Week Stone Rollin‘, Saadiq ambitiously channels the Jackson’s “Shake Your Body Down (to the Ground)” with a dirty guitar riff that boogies with the best of them.

And whether it’s Motown he’s channeling or early rock and roll,  Saadiq brings so much zeal and love to his influences that the music sounds as contemporary, cool and snazzy as the suits and sweaters he favors.