At Club 66 in Edgewood Saturday night you’ll have the rare opportunity to see a member of band which, in 1967, outsold The Beatles and the Stones combined! While Peter Tork of The Monkees played the “dumb”one in the prefab band of four, whose cheery mugs graced many a lunch box at the time, he arguably is the most intelligent and musically gifted one of the bunch. His early folk years buddy Stephen Stills can attest, as can Hendrix, who praised Peter’s prowess on guitar. These days Tork sings the blues. The Shoe Suede Blues. That’s the name of his band. Not that he has them. In fact, after some pretty trying times in the past few years, the blues mean something joyful, like watching an episode of The Monkees! Hear the interview with Peter and watch a little “I’m a Believer” below. For non-oldies, Peter is on the right “playing” keys (he actually does play piano, guitar, banjo, French horn, and much more.